What is Rain Framework?
Rain Framework is an MVC framework for PHP with a complete collections of classes and functions that enables developers and designers to work together, easy and fast on web projects.

Why should I prefer Rain Framework to the others Framework?

  • Rain Framework is very light, which make it easy to learn and increase the performance.
  • It uses the MIT License, so you can create commercial application.
  • Its logic it's very easy, so whenever you've to come back on the code you immediately into it!
  • It uses Rain TPL the easier and faster template engine for PHP (you can still loads views if you prefer)
  • It's secure, because it filter automatically all the input and has a sandbox for the template, so developers can trust templates made by untrusted designers.

How it works
It use the MVC pattern, so it loads controllers with URL as:

You can add controllers and functionality to your application, is just a few copy/paste.

HTML Templates

Loads HTML templates. So web designers can focus on graphics while developers work on PHP code. You can still load Views if you prefer.

Rain Framework is an open source MVC framework for PHP
  • Easy, to install and to use
  • Fast, to build application with high performance
  • Secure, all input are filtered