20 July 2012

Rain on Cloud Server

You may have notice that this website is going way faster then before, well we moved all the Rain project websites on the cloud!Now we are on Cloud Server of Rackspace, and in the next few weeks...
13 July 2012

Rain CMS is online!

The first drop Lot of years passed since I started to work on Rain CMS, and months since I announced that Rain was going open source... and the time has finally come!This is the first Alpha...
23 June 2012

Rain CMS is under MIT license

Our mission is to make the web easier, and we believe that Rain is going in the right direction. So Rain is officially open source under the MIT license.Rain is on a private github repository, so...
29 January 2012

Rain CMS open source!

Rain, the best CMS application yet, it will be soon released open source. Subscribe to receive more information:
19 December 2011

Rain Framework 2.4.1

Fixed the function DB::init(); that wasn't working on 2.4.
29 November 2011

Rain Framework 2.4

This version fixes the case sensitive bug, by renaming all the controllers and models folders and files lower case, it add a new library, the Chart class to draw charts as The...
03 May 2011

Rain Framework 2.3.1

This new version change many things: DB class, is now a singleton and uses PDO to connect with any database. Thanks to this change, the database connection is executed only when you instanciate...
08 April 2011

Added Forums

We added the forums in the RainTPL and RainFramework websites. You are all invited to join: Rain Framework Forum Rain TPL Forum  
22 March 2011

Rain Framework 2.2 - published

Many improvements and a few structural changes, in this version. Newest updates: each file containing a class has been renamed from class_name.class.php to Class_Name.php file...
09 March 2011

Rain Framework 2.1 - published

This new version implements few structural changes, this version is still compatible with previous RainFramework 2.0, but we added few abstraction layer, that reduce performance in favour of...
15 February 2011

Rain Framework 2 - published

RainFramework 2 has been published! Welcome RainFramework is a MVC Framework for PHP. It's easy to use and it enables teams to work better. Installable in a simple copy/paste operation, it...
Rain Framework is an open source MVC framework for PHP
  • Easy, to install and to use
  • Fast, to build application with high performance
  • Secure, all input are filtered