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Rain Framework is a quick and easy MVC Framework for PHP. It enables you and your team to work better on each single task. It is installable in a copy/paste operation and quick to configure, so you're ready to go.

Is designed to create applications with great performance, because you know for search engines like Google and for your visitors, speed matters.

Rain Framework is for passionionate developers and professional teams, it offers good developing practices and an elastic api, so you can create elegant applications and have fun with your coding style.

10 reason to choose Rain Framework

  • Quick install and configure
  • Easy to learn
  • Fast and light in memory
  • Small size
  • Secure sanitize datas
  • Fun free to choose your coding style
  • Extendible with external libraries
  • Layer separation to simplify the team organization
  • WYSIWYG designers "speak" HTML
  • Social open community


Rain is the MVC framework for PHP, easy to learn and to install. Go straight to the point!


Make applications easier to create & enable designers/developers to better work together.


Implements input filter, and allows agency to make professional & secure projects.